Somthing most people don’t know about me…

As most know I can be an independent person. I’m always taking off not saying where I’m going. And when I get back I never say where I’ve been. I mean sure if you ask I might tell you or at least say something like, “Just around”, “Had some errands to run”, “You know just taking care of business” or some other vague statement. And from there I just let people assume the rest. I think its funny the things people assume. Most people assume the wrong things the majority of the time. But whatever like I care, I say let em’. For instance I just got back to the house and my roommate hasn’t seen me since he passed out about three last night. I got up early this morning and split. And when I got back he was downstairs and says “where you been all morning? Do you ever sleep?” I said “Oh you know, just out doing my thing being me. And sleep is over rated there’s too much out there my man.” Now he gets this grin on his face and starts talking about me always slipping out and “Who is she?”, “Do I know this one?”, “When am I gonna share some of these “hoes” with him?” and on and on. I just keep saying “Did I say that? I was just out doing me” “I don’t know what you’re talking about”. I guess in his view getting laid is the only reason one would slip out like I do. That’s kinda sad… Actually 9 times out of 10 when I’m vague people directly assume I was with a female or I’m talking about one. I’m not sure why or how I developed that reputation but oh well. Don’t get me wrong I love to crush! Especially when it’s hot and its quality! Did you hear that? Quality! Not just anybody can jump on this ride lol. And to be honest I guess some of the slipping out I do is for that reason. It’s just not as much as people assume. Like this morning where did I slip out to? What got me out of bed after only a couple hours of sleep? A bitch? Nope… Actually it was the bookstore… Yup that’s right I spent a couple hours at Books-a-Million. That’s what this guy was doing. But it’s not always the book store. Sometimes it’s a exhibit that’s in town or the next town over I go to check out. Sometimes I just go out and find a levy if the sky looks right and sit. Go somewhere I’ve never been just because I’ve never been. Other times I just drive. I love to drive it’s relaxing to me, almost therapeutic. Or I find a place to people watch. I guess the main reason I let people assume what they want is because most the people I know don’t get it. They don’t see the value in those things. But yup that’s where I was this morning. Something only a few people know about me..

On a side note I got hit on by one female and three males while I was at the book store. What’s with that ratio? SMH


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