I ain’t gonna lie, I used to wake up with thoughts of you on my mind
But now you just get on my nerves even when you’re not even trying
People tell me that its gonna be better but I tell them that they’re lying
My love for you is definitely dying and the way you changed is not a good sign
I wonder how you gonna feel when I’m no longer around
…. Nah don’t even try to start crying
After you built me up and then tried to break me down
Its just a matter of time before I had to give you a piece of my mind
And maybe then I can spend the rest of my time having peace of mind
You couldn’t even say one thing that you know that no one know
Every time I see you, you gossiping about so and so
You imitate, you instigate, you turn love into instant hate
You the reason why I punched my ex homeboy in the face
In the streets chasing the same money I gotta give to my lawyer to win a case
Tearing up my Rap Sheet cause now I got a rap sheet that can’t get erased…..

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