That’s it, I’m done. I won’t be involved. Confront the situations head on as they come when they come. Just gotta make sure you’re right. And I haven’t been. I’ve been letting the bickering go on too long. I just keep listening to it, enabling it to continue. I have to stop that. How come we always complain about people gossiping but we are all too quick and willing to listen to it. I need to be less involved, but at the same time I feel like I gotta watch my ass.
Life would be so much easier if people were just honest and looked at life from more than just one point of view. And most day’s it seems like everyone is suffering from some major insecurity that they haven’t come to terms with yet. I don’t think it’s that hard. If you find out you were wrong or might not have made the best decision, or someone might be viewed better than you, just accept it. Because in the grand scheme of things it’s doesn’t matter. Life goes on, the stars still shine. The world won’t fall apart because of your insecurities, trust me! Your world might fall apart but, so? Life doesn’t care. Maybe that’s what they’re afraid of; losing the world they’ve created for themselves? If that’s the cause, I know I wouldn’t want to live in a world that could fall apart from my insecurities anyway. I have too many of them. I need something stronger something real.


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