It was a good trip this year. Better than normal and this time it was a special occasion. It was a privilege to be part of the baptism of my new god son Noah! This was an exciting time for all of us. I got to meet up with some old friends, the type that you don’t find that often. As well as make some new friends that I’m sure will turn up again. Such as life goes I guess. Ever just get that feeling that you’ll see someone again? (That was a little off subject..) Anyway, While in Vegas we did a lot of cooking and hanging out. Yeah, we hit the strip once and Freemont a couple of times but it’s really all about chillin out, cooking out, drinking and catching up. And that’s just what we did! Took the kids out a few time, go cart’s, trampoline arena, amusement rides, Ci Ci’s, ect. Other than that we were just us like we’ve always been. We did our thing big just like we always do… On a side note my brother moves to Vegas in 7 days. This could prove dangerous…



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