This officially sucks! sitting at the hospital on base trying to pick up my medical records. I need to send them to the Naval Air Station in Fortworth for review. That’s the last step in getting everything done so I can move back to Dallas. Problem is, they are right in the middle of an exercise. Everybody and their momma is in here. It’s hectic. They are training for a “real world” scenario. I get that, preparation is key, but shit I my situation actually is a real world scenario. But they don’t care about me or my needs. All they’re concerned with is making a good grade on a make believe situation. Ugh! all I need is my paperwork? I can even see them sitting right over there! but, no help for me.. Come on people, somebody hook me up! too bad I can’t reach them or I’d be out! I need these papers in by today so I can get my new position in Dallas locked down by Monday. Time is money man!

oh btw, I got the job I wanted! looks like I’m going to be an engineer! (well, as long as I can get these records in my hand) I had sent my resume to Dallas yesterday in hopes of being considered for the job. Got an email from the commander in Dallas this a.m. He said he loved my resume, best one and best written he’s seen in a long time! (thank-you Mr. Hollis, cause he really hooked that up). He said he was excited to get me as soon as they can review my medical records. Guess they wanna make sure I’m not broke.. Ya the medical records I can see in front of me but can’t touch! damn just like most things in life huh? always reaching but rarely finding what you want..


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