Yup, I finally did it. I took the book out of the wrapper today. And I even scanned through it some. I would say I read it but I didn’t, just kinda scanned through some of the main points. I’m not really worried about cause 1. It’s about my job that I do every day and 2. I’ve already been released from active duty so if I do fail good luck kicking me out lol. I’m already gone bitches! Jokes on you! Na, I would like to do decent on the thing just the same. It would kinda be nice to ace it. You know that whole ego thing? Kinda a last F U to old Stubs (my shop chief), a final reminder that his BS’ing can’t compete with real. Then chunk the deuces and peace out back to Texas! I can’t wait to get back. I’m ready to move on to the next chapter and make this story a little more exciting.

I was going to write more but I’ve just gotten tired. And I hear the roommate getting ready for work so I gotta try to get to sleep before the sun comes up. I swear it’s impossible for me to fall asleep if the suns out. That happens I’ll be up all day and who knows what time I’ll get to sleep tonight. It’s nothing to go a day or two without sleep. I’m used to it. I get distracted easy. My mind wonders. And at complete random it seem. Who knows maybe there’s a method to my madness.. See I’m doing it now I said was gonna stop writing a few lines ago.. Geez… GO TO BED!! Gears just keep on turning though and they’ll continue for a while after I lay down. Then I bet I’ll be up early like always… smdh… Just glad I’m off tomorrow or I’d already be out the door on the way to work. Shit the sun really is about to come out. I gotta stop thinking out loud and go to bed.. Alright here it goes… I’m out – Peace


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