Well, now I’m on a bus full of other military guys and girls. We are on our way to pretend like we’re deploying. It’s call a “Deployment fair”, why I have no clue. There are no corn dogs or deep-fried Twinkies! this is gay. I swear half the people on this bus didn’t bath this morning. I love maintainers but shit son, its called soap.

Hopefully this wont last too long. I’ve got more important things to do, like relaxing at my desk while pretending i’m working.

I cant wait to get back to the real world! Miss home a little and i know living in GA isn’t were I want to live life. Its to the point i really don’t care if i make less money. At least I’ll be happy! i think that’s what it’s all about. I’d rather have my friends and family, you know! It’s those moments in life, when it’s experienced and shared with people you connect with that’s what I’m chasing these days. Why take life so seriously? it is what it is… Where is your happiness?


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